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UFC on FOX 2: Evans vs Davis - Review

by Jay Ledsham. Published Sun 29 Jan 2012 19:36

Taking a fight on short notice can come in two forms, a short explosive fight or a long lacklustre bout.

Unfortunately for us it was the later.

Maia couldn't seem to get going and Weidman wasn't much better, maybe just a step ahead when it boiled down to the grappling.

Chris Weidman remains undefeated with the victory over a very credible opponent in Demian Maia and surely the win moves him up in the middleweight division!

Co main event of the night Michael Bisbing vs Chael Sonnen produced a close clash and controversy. Clay Goodman providing the later in the form of some very poor judging.

He deemed to see it 30/27 which was not the case and with the poor judging he had robbed Michael of a title shot at UFC middle weight king Anderson Silva.

I had it a round a piece with the first round being closely won by Michael or it could've been a draw.

Chael Sonnen even agreed when the matter was brought up post fight, he said the fight could easily have gone the other way, he praised the Brit and said he could see Bisping beating the current champ!

Phil Davis hit a wall in Rashad Evans in the main event of UFC on FOX 2 last night and it isn't that surprising, a case of too much too soon, Evans is one of the elite in the light heavyweight division and he has faced some of the very best.

Over the 5 rounds Davis struggled to find his range despite having the reach advantage, Evans capitalised on Phil's troubles and controlled the action with his superior hand speed.

Even when the two hit the mat it was Evans' grappling that seemed sharper, Davis just simply couldn't handle what Rashad dished out.

As a result of his win Rashad earns himself a shot at former team mate and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in April @ UFC 145.


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