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Liverpool's Chris Fishgold - MMA Champion in the making!?

by Jay Ledsham. Published Sun 29 Jan 2012 19:45, last updated: 29/01/12

Liverpool, UK.

Local lad Chris Fishgold is a undefeated mixed martial artist who fights out of Next Generation in Liverpool city centre. The gym is a hotbed for up and coming fighters, amateur, semi-pro or professional.

A 7-0 MMA record and a 2-0 semi-pro record tells you Chris is among the fast rising lightweights in the country, no wonder BAMMA are looking to get his signature on a contract.

At 19years old and a Purple belt under American Chris Brennan tells you the tenacity and drive Mr Fishgold possesses.

Notable grappling achievements come in the shape of dominating his way to winning the advance 87kg division at Ground Control when he weighed 75kg, impressed much!?

At BAMMA 9 Chris will once again put his undefeated record on the line and he is set to face a former Marine named Dale Hardiman.

Hardiman comes from a striking background and that's were he is at his best but he has added submissions to his arsenal, having been in the armed forces we know Dale will come to this fight extremely mentally strong. The ex Marine will have to be on top of his game if he is to withstand the pressure Fishgold will bring to the table, Chris is protecting what may be the start of a legacy.

Dale is a legitimate threat and Fishgold knows this, when questioned on the matter this is what he had to say "Dale has fought some good and he'll be coming to prove a point but he better not make a mistake as ill jump all over it, the lads he's fought are good but they aren't as good as me so he better train hard because he'll need it".

Chris has finished his last 3 opponents via rear naked choke, we asked was this his bread and butter submission, he said " I have a long list of submissions I go for, regularly catching people in training and in competitions. If I'm in a fight and you give your back up for instance, there is no two ways about it, I'm gonna choke you out!".

Paul Rimmer is the head coach at Next Gen and he believes Chris can go all the way to the top as he is a remarkable student, very driven and really tenacious. Paul also mentioned he believes Chris will get whats he deserves, hard work pays off as they say.

"Fishy" will start his fight camp for the BAMMA 9 match up within the coming weeks and hes kindly offered to do a weekly video blog on how he's getting along so if you're looking for a exciting up and coming fighter or tips and hints on training in MMA look no further, we can provide you with both!

Stay tuned...


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