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Manuel Pellegrini set to be unveiled as next Liverpool FC manager - Report

by Richard Buxton. Published Fri 18 Jun 2010 23:00, last updated: 24/06/10

Liverpool have reportedly agreed a deal to appoint Manuel Pellegrini as their next manager.

Reports in Chile now claim that the former Real Madrid coach signed a deal with the Reds yesterday morning following negotiations.

Pellegrini was dismissed from his role in the Spanish capital after failing to prise the La Liga title away from Barcelona last season despite his side amassing 96 points and netting over 100 goals.

His imminent appointment is expected to be welcomed by Pepe Reina, who worked under him during his time at Villarreal.

The Spain stopper believes Liverpool can expect a "really tough" season ahead if Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres leave the club following Rafael Benitez's departure and the continuing reluctance of the Anfield board to relinquish significant transfer funds.

He said: "Of course there is concern about Fernando and Stevie. Not just them, but others, too.

"Any team would count on Stevie and Fernando as big names and, for us, it’s the same.

"Without them, it would be really tough to be up there at the top next season."

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"MANUEL,please take my advise,keep Stevie and Torres." Stan el.nino, Nigeria around 5 years ago

"Good choice, but no silly long contract to start with" Steve, Liverpool around 5 years ago

"Great appointment if true. Useless mgr?! He took Villareal from nothing to CL year in/out. RM got there highest ever points total last year!" Dean Howie, Perth around 5 years ago

"i think that this will be a good appointment however i would still prefer lippi. he's won the wc and he would make gerrard + torres stay" david brown, liverpool around 5 years ago

"please please please lets go british we have tried french and spanish lets go back to basics" tonythetruth, merseyside around 5 years ago

"@Callum Pierce Trying to stifle debate is never healthy mate. Let’s have less of the “so called fans” comments. " Andy, Liverpool around 5 years ago

"what about van gaal or the current dutch manager?" Vestan Pantz, Dublin around 5 years ago

"If he is the next LFC boss, then that will be a great appointment indeed!" Aswad, North West around 5 years ago

"so called liverpool fans get behind your team. we have had 1 bad season we will be back up in the top4 have faith ynwa." Callum Pierce, liverpool around 5 years ago

"Fabulous manager who plays a nice brand of football. Done fantastic at Villareal and amassed an amazing number of points last season." Noel , Liverpool around 5 years ago

"hope next season we pellegrini bring lfc in a better position. pellegrini more " Mario Farrugia , malta around 5 years ago

"He's a cart " Calum, Me Ken ked around 5 years ago

"If he plays attacking football I'm all 4 him. 2 years ago we finished 2nd by scoring the most goals. We need to play that style consistently" Mel, United States around 5 years ago

"Too many uneducated, unknowledgeable so called reds fans on here who blatantly don't watch any spanish football. Clueless the lot of you" Lee, Italy around 5 years ago

"we should go for Moyes" Paul cooper, wavertree around 5 years ago

"Lfc are finished, and every1 knows it. Unless super rich owners come in it wont matter who is manager. " Gaga, UK around 5 years ago

"he was the best club in the world,win nothiing" raymond, malta around 5 years ago

"yes look what happened to lfc last season Without SG and FT they finished 7th but 4 teams in england alone got in the champions league YNWA" a.finn, liverpool around 5 years ago

"@ Redallover. Incoming owners? If we wait for Hicks to allow that to happen we'll be managerless for a long time." Tes, Normanton around 5 years ago

"Pellegrini is a good choice appoint him" joseph taylor domingo, Freetown-Sierra Leone around 5 years ago

"Nonsense.Another foreign coach who won't be looking at liverpool youngsters.Hodgson is right not wanting to get involved with ignorantowners" Apatride, serbia around 5 years ago

"Do it fast You ideot yankies as the transfer window is coming thick and fast we need to buy players give pelly money to spend you ideot owne" Ashok, India around 5 years ago

"Exellent report, you have been right many times in the past and i really hope this is true" Stephenlfctalkdotcom, Liverpool around 5 years ago

"Great coach not silly old roy. Come on Mario. Convinvce the star players that We will be back on track." Macdonald, Zimbabwe around 5 years ago

"No! No! No! This appt. will be a disaster! Pellegirini is a clueless clown!" dhg, nyc around 5 years ago

"The players desperately need a manager who will be close to them personally i e good man management. Lets hope if true this guy fits the bil" Ray, wales around 5 years ago

"If this happens I'll be happpy, nobody can argue with this guy's record. As for new owners Redallover I don't expect to see any this year." Andy, Derry around 5 years ago

"great another useless manager from la liga!!!" gary, liverpool around 5 years ago

"Excellent News he did wonder's for villareal hope that he can revive our fortunes and bring the upcoming talent with limited budjet. Hope!" Ashok, India around 5 years ago

"this merry-go-round of managers is hilarious. three great managers, three great clubs, but likely just the same kind of results" adam, australia around 5 years ago

"It would be interesting that if Torres and Gerrard leave how Pellegrini and Reina/Carra lead Liverpool." Lee, Wales around 5 years ago

"well i hope 2 god he iz better dan rafa!!" widdy, rotherham u.k around 5 years ago

"Good storyline, but are we putting the horse before the cart? Any new manager surely needs to be hired by the incoming owners. Who are they?" Redallover, Exiled in Jersey around 5 years ago

"Great hire. Hopefully the club is sold soon, Stevie & El Nino can be retained, & we can get back into the Champions League. " Alex, United States around 5 years ago

"Without SG and FT forget about it" dougie donnelly, walton around 5 years ago

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