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Rafael Benitez wants to manage Liverpool FC again

by Richard Buxton. Published Mon 17 Oct 2011 07:48, last updated: 17/10/11
Benitez wants to return to Liverpool, but only after Dalglish retires
Benitez wants to return to Liverpool, but only after Dalglish retires

Former Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez wants to return to the club...but only when Kenny Dalglish retires.

The Spaniard's six-year tenure saw the Reds reclaim the European Cup for a fifth time as well as reaching the Champions League final two years later and winning the FA Cup in between.

Benitez has made no secret of his hopes to return to the dugout and reiterated his desire during a candid audience at the city's Empire theatre last night.

But the 51-year-old insists that he does not want to usurp Dalglish and has given his full backing to the current Kop boss to deliver glory back to Anfield.

He said: "I was really proud to be Liverpool manager and I want to be manager in the future.

"I will wait. I don’t want headlines tomorrow, but I want to support Kenny.

"But in the future, if I have to wait three, five, 10 years.

"I was really pleased and happy at Liverpool and hopefully they will win a lot of trophies."

Former Valencia boss Benitez also revealed that he has received various offers to return to coaching but is holding out for a role with a Premier League club.

"I’ve had two or three phone calls from China, Russia and Mexico," he added.

"But for me, the priority is the Premier League."

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"Rafa is so good in politics; crying in the public, blame others, making money-corruption wise he gets % from purchase n sales, no way jose" Red U, Haymarket around 2 years, 11 months ago

"Guardiola will soon be Man U. coach. That leaves the Barca coach seat for Benny. After he finishes at Barca he will go back to managing LFC!" Arthur, Malaga around 2 years, 11 months ago

"Please come back. You got us silverware on shoe string budget. If you get $150 million we will be better than barcelona.WE NEED YOU. YNWA" Allan, Seattle around 3 years ago

"Rafa,all we suporters want is to see is wining games and top the table you had your change with Liverpool as an Manager, 2011 is Dalglish " Simon Aingas, Papua New Guinea around 3 years ago

"@BCHAn. No one is questioning Rafa's love for LFC.We are questioning his player management skill which is lacking considerably." Mel, USA around 3 years ago

"no ways,pliz rafa stay away,go away very far away." teesomethang, harare around 3 years ago

"Short and simple. No way should he concidered for any involvenent i LFC.This is the polite version" scouser, new zealand around 3 years ago

"I would love for Rafa to manage our club again. You haters go watch the Hillsborough service from last year and tell that Rafa that trash" BCHAN, USA around 3 years ago

"OBAYDAH WHO? yet another home game missed please go away benitez you hang around like a bad smell it will all come out the players hate you" tonythetruth, merseyside around 3 years ago

"Maybe not as manager Rafa but Im sure you could get a waiters position in the anfield cafe, Rafa Rafa go away dont come again another day!!" Koppite, TheKop around 3 years ago

"Sorry Rafa but your ego is way too big. You already drove Alonso away,pissed off Reina & Torres. Who next,Suarez?Thanks for Istanbul but no." Mel, USA around 3 years ago

"Come back soon Rafa! I love you much and LFC without you is a different concept. better than having Carra as a manager after 2 years!" Obaydah Al Namer, UAE around 3 years ago

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