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Wayne Rooney 'puts his foot in it' in South Africa golf gaff

by Simon Boyle. Published Tue 15 Jun 2010 09:48, last updated: 15/06/10
Wayne Rooney golf boots
Wayne Rooney golf boots

Goal ace Wayne Rooney put his foot in it by sending a four-letter "secret message" to the world when he posed for an official photo with the England team.

It seems that the Manchester United striker may have some issues since he engraved the slogan "FCUK U" in large black letters on his Nike brand golfing shoes.

Wayne's footwear graffiti went unnoticed until this picture was issued of the golf day line-up of the World Cup team-mates.

The picture was taken at an exclusive Sun City golf course, in South Africa, after boss Fabio Capello treated his players to a relaxing afternoon-off from their training regime last Friday (11 June).

And for some, as yet unexplained reason, the Manchester United star took the trouble to scrawl the "FCUK U" message on the inside of his left boot.

It seems the slogan my be some kind of in-joke since Rooney also had the word "FLOYD" written on the outside of his right golf shoe.

Wearing matching hooped polo shirts and navy shorts, sour-faced Wayne, 24, enjoyed a round at the ultra-chic Lost City Country Club.

Wayne has seldom enjoyed life in the media spotlight, but his immature antics while representing England on the world stage will raise more eyebrows amongst his critics, who often question his temperament under pressure.


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