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The secret letters of John Lennon to be published at last

by Aaron Sharp. Published Fri 06 Jan 2012 17:11, last updated: 07/01/12

The secret letters of John Lennon are to be published for the first time in a new book, it has been revealed.

Yoko Ono, widow of the former fab four frontman, has given Beatles biographer Hunter Davies exclusive access to her husband's previously unseen letters.

Davies, the only writer to have penned an official autobiography with the band, is in the process collating the letters for a release later this year.

The former Sunday Times columnist, who has recently worked with Wayne Rooney on his official book, made the announcement on the Radio4 programme, The Book Club.

When asked about Ono's role in the Beatles' break up, Davies let slip that he couldn't have a bad word said about her, because of the extraordinary privilege she had given him.

He went on to reveal the nature of some of Lennon's most personal letters which, he insisted, have remained unseen by the public since their creation.

Davies said: "Yoko is now my best friend in the whole world, because I'm doing the John Lennon letters.

"And there has never been a book of the John Lennon letters.

"I have got three letters from him but the laws of copyright mean that you can't use them in a book or a magazine without the copyright holders's permission until 70 years after they have died, and Yoko owns them.

"John wrote the most witty, funny, obscene, mad, passionate, lovely letters, which you've never seen.

"You've seen odd ones when they've been up in auction, but you've never seen them all together.

"So that's what I'm doing now, is getting them all together. So I can't have a bad word said about Yoko!".

Davies revealed that the book is due for release in October this year when it is sure to be another hit with Beatlemaniacs worldwide.


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"I can't see the problem here.One of the greatest songwriters in history, wouldnt you want to know it all? Nothing private about John Lennon!" Jeff, Australia around 2 years, 7 months ago

"No surprise here! Hunter Davies and Yoko Ono, both low-rent vile gits." Catherine , USA around 3 years ago

"What'll b interesting is what will b published after Ono dies." Robert Brown, Orlando FL around 3 years ago

"Hey Lp, Michigan, Would love to know more about your postcard. Contact me through diggallery.com. Thanks!" Helen Hall, UK around 3 years ago

"One question, would Cynthia have done the same? I'm gonna go with no." Tony Salazar, Los Angeles, CA around 3 years ago

"I have lost all respect for Hunter Davies. He's just joined Yoko in making money off a dead man. Shame." Drew, USA around 3 years ago

"This makes me uncomfortable because I mean who would want to have their letters published it's very invasive" Ned, Europe around 3 years ago

"We got a random postcard from him in 75. Kinda a fascinating story. Hunter, ping us if u wanna hear more." Lp, Michigan around 3 years ago

"If Davies let slip can't say a no no about Yoko, it will be one more white wash, leaving out any John no nos about her. Her spin goes on." Annie, USA around 3 years ago

""And there has never been a book of the John Lennon letters." You think maybe that's because there shouldn't be? Tacky...." Pattie Noah, USA around 3 years ago

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