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Liverpool region family secret could solve 1955 prostitute murder mystery

by Adam Faulkner . Published Tue 31 Aug 2010 11:33, last updated: 31/08/10

A Liverpool region family secret passed down the generations may hold the key to solving the mystery of a murdered Merseyside prostitute 55 years ago.

Prostitute Alice Barton, 49, was brutally strangled and dumped in a wartime pillbox in Woodchurch, Wirral, in September 1955.

The Pillbox Murder sent shockwaves through the community but her killer was never caught and the case has remained open ever since.

But now after new information of a family story passed down through the generations was posted on the internet, a Wirral teenager is claiming the murderer was her grandfather.

Aimie Buckley, 19, described the suspicion that her "abusive" alcoholic grandfather, a punter at a pub close to the murder scene, had something to do with the killing.

The teenager wrote: "He was an alcoholic and every day after work he would go to his local pub, and chat up woman, most probably sleep with them or whatever and come home late at night, beat my grandmother and go to bed, drunk.

"One night, he came home wearing blood soaked clothes demanding my nan to burn them. My nan was so horrified and in shock that she went to throw them in the wash immediately, but he ordered her to burn them there and then."

Later in the post she goes on to say how a couple of days after the incident newspapers revealed that a prostitute had been murdered.

She added: "The murder here, and the one one my nan seen days after the incident with her husband are the exact same, and the killer has never been found, and from my grandad, no words have ever been said about it."

The body of Lancashire-born Alice Barton was found by an 11-year-old schoolboy picking blackberries triggering a police manhunt which led to thousands of people across Britain being quizzed.

It is understood the 49-year-old fell into prosititution after splitting from her husband years earlier, taking regular customers to the Woodchurch pill box.

A spokesman for Merseyside Police said: "The investigation into the death of Alice Barton in 1955, as with all unsolved murder investigations, remains open. The Serious Crime Review Unit has recently received new information about this case, which is being looked into."

"The Unit welcomes any new information about unsolved cases and would urge anyone who has information about such crimes to contact 0151-709-6010 or Crimestoppers on 0800-555-111."


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"There is a brilliant write up about this on Wattpad, by a guy called Bounder007, I'd check it out if your researching the case." The Beard, Birkenhead around 4 years, 3 months ago

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