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Hicks bodyguard arrested after Hard Days Night bustup was a copper

by Pierce King. Published Wed 17 Sep 2008 09:35, last updated: 17/09/08

The Hicks family minder accused of punching a city hotel guard is a former Merseyside police officer, it has been revealed.

Paul Pratt, 40, will appear before magistrates in Liverpool in two weeks in connection with a fracas at the luxury Hard Days Night hotel.

Pratt was a constable with Merseyside police until he resigned in 2004.

Seven years ago, he was due to take part in the Washington marathon in the USA with former colleagues to raise money for a hospice.

Pratt, of Mayfield Road, Cressington, is now a bodyguard for the Hicks family and was with Liverpool co-owner Tom Hicks’s son Alex at the North John Street hotel at about 5am on Sunday.

He was charged with assault after the early morning fight in an upper-floor room.

It is alleged a member of the hotel security team went upstairs to investigate after a room service tray was thrown from a window.

Items, including drinks and cutlery, landed in Harrington Street as celebrations after Liverpool’s 2-1 victory against Manchester United continued.

The security guard was punched in the face and police were called, leading to the arrest and charging of Pratt.

Alex Hicks was staying at the premises at the time and hotel bosses say he was present during the incident, but was not involved.

Today, Merseyside police and management at the Hard Days Night hotel said they were not investigating the matter any further.

No formal complaint has been made about the hotel items thrown outside on to the street.

Alex Hicks was representing the family at Anfield at Saturday lunchtime because his father Tom chose not to attend.

At the game co-owner George Gillett took his place in the stands for the first time in nine months, and he met Spirit of Shankly union members for clear-the-air talks over the weekend.

A spokesman for the Hicks family said: “Alex was a guest at the Hard Days Night Hotel at the time, but was not involved in this incident.”


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