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Man found hanged in Liverpool park playground

by Natalie Evans. Published Thu 11 Mar 2010 14:46, last updated: 26/04/10
Police at the scene in Sefton Park Liverpool
Police at the scene in Sefton Park Liverpool

A man has been found hanged in a children's playground in Sefton Park.

A dog-walker discovered the victim's body hanging from swings close to the junction of Lark Lane and Aigburth Drive at around 6.45am.

Police believe the man was in his 20s but his idenity has not yet been confirmed.

The circumstances surrounding his death are not clear, but the death is not believed to be suspicious.

The area where the body was found has been cordoned off.


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"well that wud make you just a moron then Jane" T, Liverpool around 4 years, 10 months ago

"Why put his name, why say he's selfish, all this is damaging to his loved ones...Total idiots all of you, and some are just morbid morons " Jane, Liverpool around 4 years, 11 months ago

"RIP ziggy god clearly needed a dj up there to keep the place bouncing" northern star, liverpool around 5 years ago

"RIP" Functup, Lancs around 5 years ago

"scousedom, comments like that do not really need highlighting given that previous comments have been made by this poor man's friends" a, warw around 5 years ago

"Selfish thing to do. Not fair on his family or friends or all the kids that play in that area." scousedom, wirral around 5 years ago

"Ziggy, so sad for you and your family. x" anon, coventry around 5 years ago

"ziggy rest in peace mate.....we will all miss u x" Mike , liverpool around 5 years ago

"stop being an idiot brad" x, x around 5 years ago

"I live literally round the corner, I am now freaked out." Brad, Mossley Hill around 5 years ago

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