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Juice listeners get fooled for a 'Go-Tan'

by Emma Kreft. Published Wed 01 Apr 2009 13:22, last updated: 24/09/09
The Juice FM breakfast team
The Juice FM breakfast team

It was certainly an ‘Orange Wednesday’ for hundreds of listeners to Liverpool radio station, 107.6 Juice FM – who fell for an April Fools stunt of tanning proportions when asked to trial a new fake drink that aimed to get Liverpool glowing by gradually giving you a natural fake tan.

Juice FM Breakfast Show presenters – Adam Weighell, Leanne Campbell and Chris Chambers created the fictional cola drink, ‘Go-Tan Plus’.

Scientists claimed ‘Go-Tan Plus’ to work ‘by stimulating the cells in your body that develop melanin, the pigment that darkens your skin colour’.

Adam Weighell, Juice FM Breakfast Show presenter said: "When we asked listeners to call in and try the product for the show so we could monitor their progress – it seems our Liverpool listeners would try anything for an easy fake tan!

The phones and texts went wild, we had hundreds of ladies and eve fealls calling and texting in wanting a sample of Go-Tan Plus! It was hysterical!"

Listener, Ally Jones from Aintree said: "OMG – this is brilliant, finally something which means I don’t get a streaky bum when I’m on the beds!."


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