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Mystery customer pays for car wash with Banksy artwork

by Kevin Rawlinson. Published Tue 31 Mar 2009 11:04, last updated: 31/03/09
A Banksy of England ten pound note
A Banksy of England ten pound note

A mystery customer paid for a car wash with a Banksy artwork, which could be worth hundreds of pounds.

Staff at the 'Five Star Car Wash' in Liverpool were shocked when driver produced a fake ten pound note... and claimed he was being GENEROUS by paying with it.

The unidentified driver said the tenner is the work of anonymous British grafitti legend Banksy.

Bearing the words 'Banksy of England' the note shows Princess Diana's head in place of the Queen's.

A pair of original "Di-faced tenners" are currently selling for nearly £200 on internet auction site, eBay.

Manager, Edward Humphrey, said: "I am left wondering if it was Banksy himself. I'm not sure if I should sell it, put it in a frame or just give it to a collector."

"This chap gave us the note and said 'keep the change - it's worth a lot more than ten pounds!'.

"I noticed straight away that it wasn't a real note, but he just gave it to us and drove off.

"He wasn't a scally trying to drive off with a free car wash. He appeared genuine."

Ross Tierney, an expert on Banksy's work said: "I've not heard of any of these turning up in Liverpool before.

"There are a lot of fakes out there but the originals fetch good money.

"They're a piece of Banksy history and that's why they're worth something."

Banksy has set up the 'Pest Control' group to help authenticate his original works. The group says it wants to help prevent people becoming victims of fraud.


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"Hi Half-man. Doesn't look likely that he's getting it authenticated. Hard to get hold of those Pest Control lads" Johnno, ClickLiverpool around 6 years, 4 months ago

"Any news on the authenticity yet?" half-man, Liverpool around 6 years, 4 months ago

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