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LCH celebrates Health Promotion award

by Paul Horridge. Published Wed 31 Oct 2012 13:42

The Health Promotion and Community Well-being Organisation and Partnership Award was awarded to LCH in recognition of its ‘strategic vision and commendable plans in health promotion.’

The respected body also highlighted how the Trust is ‘committing considerable investment and leadership involvement in having staff buy-in to an interesting and potentially ground breaking approach to health improvement’.

First established as a Trust on 1 November 2010, LCH has since delivered community-based healthcare services and health promotion to the 750,000 residents of Liverpool, Sefton, Knowsley and neighbouring areas of Merseyside.

As one of the largest NHS Trusts in the North West, the organisation currently employs over 3,500 staff, providing over 65 different health services from over 100 different community locations, as well as in patients’ own homes.

The Trust’s core services include District Nursing, GPs, Community Matrons, School Nurses, Health Visitors, Dental Services, Walk-in Centres, and Sexual Health. We also provide lifestyle and health promotion services across Liverpool and Sefton, which aim to help people live healthier lives.

Rachael Gosling, Consultant in Public Health attended the awards ceremony on behalf of the Trust, and was presented the award by Lord Hunt.

Bernie Cuthel, Chief Executive of Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust says: “Being presented with this award is a significant acknowledgement of how we are working to integrate and evolve our services to effectively promote healthy living to communities in Liverpool and Sefton.”

One of the Trust’s major areas of innovation is its ambitious plans to become one of the first Community Health Foundation Trusts in the country, allowing local people to have greater influence over the future of their health care services.

Bernie continues: “As we work towards achieving Foundation Trust status, it is vital that we have an active and engaged membership, which will allow us to be accountable to the public. By becoming members of the Trust, people can truly improve and shape the health care services provided in their community.

“The Trust will continue to work with RSPH to ensure that we continue to be at the forefront of Health Promotion in the region for the benefit of the individuals, families and communities we serve.”

RSPH Chief Executive Richard Parish commented: “The 2012 winners are great examples of good practice in health promotion. The Royal Society for Public Health is proud to offer these organisations the opportunity to demonstrate and celebrate their success through our Health Promotion Awards scheme. I would like to congratulate the winners whose passion, commitment and hard work is most admired!”

For more information about Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust or becoming a member, please visit: www.liverpoolcommunityhealth.nhs.uk


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