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School textbook owned by John Lennon to fetch thousands at auction

by Lauren Riley. Published Tue 23 Oct 2012 10:46

A Liverpool school geography textbook owned by John Lennon is tipped to fetch over £2,000 at auction.

The school textbook "The British Isles" by Thomas Pickles is signed by the Beatle as J W Lennon of class 4C in 1956 when the hitmaker would have been 16.

The book is tipped to fetch more than #2,000 at an auction in Liverpool with bids expected from as far as Japan and America.

A fellow pupil of Lennon's at Quarry Bank High School in Allerton, Liverpool, discovered the book at the back of a wardrobe and had it valued by Cato Crane Auctioneers.

John Crane, of Cato Crane, said: "It's a phenomenal item to put up for auction and we're very proud to have it here.

"The gentleman who brought the book to our attention had lost it for years and discovered it stuffed down the back of a wardrobe.

"Genuine Beatles memorabilia always fetches high prices at auction and we are intending to sell this piece of Beatles history at a special auction next August.

"Items such as this with a great story are worth lots of money.

"We had the book checked out by three experts who approved its authenticity.

"The book could fetch well over £2,000 if several people bid for it.

"These kind of collector's items are like gold dust now so it's great to have one like this at Cato Crane.

"The gentleman selling the book was about four years below John Lennon at school and luckily kept the book for all these years."


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"It looks like a library book to me and only borrowed by Lennon." Auj, CA around 2 years, 9 months ago

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