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Man serious after car and bus crash on Wirral

by Nick Webster. Published Wed 15 Aug 2012 02:03, last updated: 17/08/12
Scene of the crash in Wirral
Scene of the crash in Wirral

Update: James Parry, 19, sadly lost his life in this accident.

See later, full story at:

One person is thought to have suffered serious head injuries when a bus and a car collided at traffic lights in Wirral.

The accident at the junction of Bidston Road and Tollemache Road in Claughton involved a silver grey saloon - thought to be a Vauxhall - and a double-decker Arriva service bus.

Firefighters used specialist hydraulic cutting gear to remove the roof of the silver saloon car - thought to be a Vauxhall Corsa as the injured driver had become trapped behind the wheel.

Witnesses said paramedics were able to reach the victim, a young man, and strechered him to a waiting ambulance in which he was taken to Arrowe Park Hospital.

Emergency services declined to confirm the extent of the victim's injuries until relatives had been informed.

It is not known whether any passengers on the bus were hurt, but witnesses said that the driver of the bus was also taken to hospital, though it is not thought he was seriously injured.


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"Now who knows the truth, glass houses my ass!,,," Richard Parry, Moreton around 1 year, 7 months ago

"If you want the truth be man enough to come and see me, not hide behind a fake name and forum, coward just like the rest of you criminals" Richard Parry, Moreton around 1 year, 11 months ago

"FAO Mr Arriva & Who cares, these comments are towards my brother who died. I know the truth thats all that matters, come meet me" Richard Parry, Wirral around 1 year, 11 months ago

"The bus ran the red light. I'm disgusted that you would judge this scene by someone's age. My sister knows and saw the man on life support" Disgusted, Wirral around 2 years ago

"Completely agree with simonsays come on have some respect." Owlman, Wirral around 2 years ago

"to r lacy its simple cctv and looked into by police also y do car owners get back behind the wheel if its there fault. enuff said and wait" driver, wirral around 2 years ago

"Arriva people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Many a time I've seen a bus driver run a red. Think youre being narrowminded" JennyFlower, Meols around 2 years ago

"K.John your evidence is ridiculous. Stop making assumptions and let the professionals do their jobs!" JohnR, Wirral around 2 years ago

"I think you all should stop assuming you know what has happened.It is highly inconsiderate to all victims of families involved. " Simonsays, Wirral around 2 years ago

"As an arriva driver myself i know 1 thinkg. Let the evidence (CCTV) and both drivers statments decide! Not BS coments!!!" Who cares, Wirral around 2 years ago

"The fact is that a young man has lost his life & another seriously hurt. Somebodies son! Tragic whichever party ran a red light. " Brightspark, Wirral around 2 years ago

"Why is it that car drivers seem to think they will win against a bus. Lights are red for a reason." First, Wirral around 2 years ago

"Witnesses confirm the bus ran a red light. Don't judge the car driver because of his age" Not in Service, Noctorum around 2 years ago

"Thing is the car ran the red light. I was near by when it happened but i heard the noise. " K.John, churton avenue around 2 years ago

"Typical narrow minded public always presume its the bus drivers fault?? naughty thing going thru red lights in cars it causes death??" arriva, Wirral around 2 years ago

"Partner was injured by bus in similiar circumstances, how do these bus drivers keep getting back behind the wheel!" R Lacy, Wirral around 2 years ago

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