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Cop investigated over 'slapping' a Liverpool teen in YouTube video

by Chris Bradley. Published Sun 12 Aug 2012 11:50, last updated: 12/08/12
A still image allegedly showing the officer hitting a suspect
A still image allegedly showing the officer hitting a suspect

Police have launched an investigation after a video was posted on YouTube allegedly showing an officer slapping a teenager being questioned over cannabis.

The 31 year-old from Merseyside Police has been placed on "restrictive duties" by his superiors after the clip was brought to their attention.

The 50 second long video was recorded on a mobile phone as a house, believed to be in gang-ridden Norris Green, was searched for drugs and weapons.

The footage named 'Merseyside Police Officer hits man, caught on hidden camera' has had more than 7,000 views on the viral video website.

Two young men can be seen standing in the kitchen of the property as they are quizzed by officers thought to be from the elite anti-gang Matrix Unit.

Another two youths sat down in an adjoining room captured the incident sure to cause controversy and raise questions about appropriate use of force by police officers.

The grainy video seems to show the police officer slap the suspect hard on the back of his head before asking him: "Are you going to answer the question properly."

The question posed by the officer can faintly be heard as "What is that?" in reference to some cannabis the youth had in his possession.

The suspect replied "cheese" - a street term for a type of strong cannabis resin - before he was apparently assaulted.

One of the onlookers shouts: "There's no need to hit him is there?".

The burly officer then walks into the other room unaware that he is being covertly filmed by a mobile phone video camera.

Standing above the pair the officer retorts: "What was that? Anyone want to chat with me?

"Have you got a problem? Do you think we're here to have a f*****g laugh and a joke? Shut you're f*****g mouth when things don't involve you."

Viewers have attacked the actions on the officer and left comments beneath the footage on YouTube.

Matthew57 wrote: "The law applies to the police as much as anyone. Luckily for a change there is evidence against this one. He should be dealt with and sacked."

Goldilocks23 wrote: "A clear example of police powers taken too far.

"This video not only highlights a gross abuse of power and positions, it also shows the arrogant, brutal mentality which is widespread across today's force.

"Police officers are not above the law and combating crime with acts of violence is hypocrisy of the highest form, regardless of whether a crime has been committed.

"The days of 'innocent until proven guilty' are long gone unfortunately, replaced by 'guilty until proven innocent'."

Merseyside Police have stated the incident occurred in October 2010.

A spokesperson said: "During the evening of Monday 23rd July we were made aware of a video on YouTube that appears to show a police officer behaving in an inappropriate manner.

"The footage was obtained and an immediate investigation was launched by the Force’s Professional Standards Department.

"A 31-year-old serving police officer has been placed on restrictive duties whilst the investigation into the matter is conducted.

"As the matter is currently under investigation it would be inappropriate to comment any further."


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"not that strong? what are you smoking? its a 20% plus THC indica prodominance. It\'s strength is the reason for it's popularity in L'pool" wirral boy, wirral around 2 years, 11 months ago

"Cheese is a strain of the cannabis plant bred in the UK. That police bully should be charged with ABUSING HIS POSITION." GD, uk around 2 years, 11 months ago

"Nice to see our british police force upholding their oath to the common law" common law, common law around 2 years, 11 months ago

"Cheese is a name of a strain of herbal cannabis, its not that strong, its medium. The policeman should lose his job, completely disgusting! " focusonpeace, Liverpool around 2 years, 11 months ago

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