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Yellow submarine lands in Liverpool's Albert Dock

by Jess Wilson. Published Fri 06 Jul 2012 13:12

Liverpool’s Albert Dock now has its very own yellow submarine.

Businessman Alfie Bubbles will open his new sixties-themed 80FT floating hotel, the Fab 4, on Sunday.

Mr Bubbles, who also owns the Batman-themed floating house, The Joker, bought the narrowboat which featured in The Hunt for Red October from film giant Paramount and brought it back to the dock on a lorry.

So far, the refurbishment has taken nine months and Mr Bubbles designed the whole thing himself.
He said: “It’s all from my crazy head.”

Priced at £149 per night Monday-Thursday, £299 of Friday and £350 on Saturday, the floating hotel which sleeps eight will be equipped with 3D TVs in every room, computers and wi-fi.

Other fixtures include Beatles plaques and one of the scooters from Quadrophenia.

Mr Bubbles said: “I’m not a massive Beatles fan to be honest. They’re not my favourite band!”


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