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Mum really does know best survey discovers

by Paul Lewis. Published Tue 22 May 2012 13:25

"Mother knows best!" is a well-worn clarion call for those who believe in the right of parents to impose their rule on the household.

Along with "Children should be seen and not heard" it was one of the cover-all answers for silencing a rebellious generation of children in the post-war era.

So, in the age of instant communication and "social networks" of confidantes it is perhaps surprising that women STILL turn for advice first and foremost to their mother.

According to a new survey 75 per cent of women seek their mother's approval on life choices and a massive 85per cent turn to her first for advice on health issues.

And mother is not only the first port of call for advice she is also a regular source of wisdom with daughters asking mums for advice more than twice a week.

The survey of 2760 girls and women, aged 13 upwards, was carried out by for the pain-relief tablets Nurofen Express Period Pain (www.facebook.com/nurofen).

The aim was to understand the nature of mother-daughter relationships and particularly how these alter as daughters mature from teens to women in their 40s.

A spokesperson at Nurofen said: "We thought it possible that women, particularly teens and young adults, would use the shield of social media and Internet searches to seek advice.

"But in fact we discovered that UK women are much more likely to place their trust in mums above all else."

Family psychologist Dr Rachel Andrew commented on the survey.

She said: "The relationship between a mother and daughter has a huge impact on their lives.

"The internet still has its place and can benefit relationships, however people prefer face to face interaction - particularly when they face some important or particularly emotional problems.

"This certainly is reflected in what I see. Mothers are interested in their daughters well-being both emotionally and physically.

"Daughters rely on their mothers for advice and often this comes in the form of face to face contact rather than something more remote such as a text.

"So the findings show that the bond between mother and daughter still is very strong and this is reflected in what I see as a clinical psychologist dealing with family relationships."

The survey also showed that 50 per cent of women cite their mother as their prime role model, rather than any celebrity or career mentor.

The Nurofen spokesperson added: "Our survey show that UK teenagers trust their mum's advice the most. Clearly mums really do know best.

"For health and body issues, 34 per cent will ask mum versus 30 per cent going online and only 15 per cent asking friends."

The survey showed one disturbing finding with only 8 per cent of teens saying they would ask their mother for advice on sex, compared to 85 per cent who seek their mother's approval for life choices.


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