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Girl in blue mini the object of Liverpool mechanic's desire

by Chris Bradley. Published Tue 08 May 2012 11:25, last updated: 08/05/12
Who says romance is dead?
Who says romance is dead?

Love-lorn mechanic - with huge banner - seeks blue mini driver.

A mystery man has left a message for a woman to call him on a 10m banner hanged from the side of a building in Liverpool.

The message reads: "To the girl in the blue mini.

"I changed you're tyre last week but I was too shy to aks for your number.

"Please call me 079072 48689."

His identity remains unknown but the answerphone message for the number he left is a rendition of the 1971 classic "You've Got A Friend" by Carole King.

The banner has been hanging on the side of MMA Academy, a mixed martial arts school on Great Howard Street, for two weeks but staff are short on clues.

One puzzled worker said: "It's nothing to do with us.

"I came to work one morning and it was hanging there and nobody knows where it came from."

The nearest tyre changing centre is at the Costco wholesalers but staff are just as puzzled as to who has left the longing message for the girl in the blue mini.

A spokesperson said: "The men who work at the tyre changing centre at Costco Liverpool have all been asked if they are responsible for the banner on Great Howard Street.

"But it is none of the lads who work there."


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