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Veteran Kilfoyle makes a bid for top policing job

by Chris Bradley. Published Tue 21 Feb 2012 18:18, last updated: 21/02/12
Peter Kilfoyle wants to nab
Peter Kilfoyle wants to nab "rip-off merchants"

An ex-Labour MP has launched a bid to become a top crime-fighter determined to tackle thugs and "rip-off merchants" on Merseyside.

Peter Kilfoyle was MP for Walton Liverpool for 19 years and was one of the most vocal Labour politicians to oppose the Iraq War.

He quit his seat before the 2010 General Election but has resurfaced to contest the election for Police and Crime Commissioner on Merseyside.

Mr Kilfoyle, 65, said: "There is no more pressing need than to keep on top of crime and disorder.

"Life can be tough enough without the worry of crime. In our homes and in our communities we cannot tolerate the vandal or the anti-social neighbour.

"Nor can we tolerate the white collar criminals - the rip-off merchants - who make a tough
economic climate even tougher for so many people.

"Wholly unacceptable is the violence which traumatises innocent victims, blighting the lives of them and their families."

Kilfoyle took his seat in the Walton constituency in 1991 but resigned in 2010 over a clash with fellow MP Jane Kennedy over the candidacy of Luciana Berger for Wavertree.

But it has been announced the pair will face each other again after Kennedy announced she was seeking a nomination for the top policing role.

The veteran white-haired MP insists he is the man for the job after a career spent in one of Merseyside's toughest neighbourhoods.

He added: "I have always worked closely with police and community groups in trying to improve our neighbourhoods.

"I personally have also taken on the drug barons who inflict so much damage on our communities.

"The new Commissioner must promote the centrality of the welfare of people in their communities, despite the challenges facing Merseyside Police due to Government cuts.

"The police must have the tools and resources to do the job and the new Commissioner must have the courage of his or her convictions.

"The interests of the people of Merseyside must be paramount."


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"Kennedy for police job..no way..she was useless as an MP and did nothing for this city maybe policing her home town of Mcr. would suite her " George, Liverpool around 3 years, 5 months ago

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