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Liverpool welcomes new Santander jobs in Bootle

by Alex Gould. Published Fri 08 Jul 2011 12:38

Liverpool welcomes 250 jobs to Bootle at Santander contact centre.

Santander UK has decided to bring contact centre work back from India, leading to the creation of 250 jobs in Bootle, Merseyside.

500 jobs have been created in the UK due to the move, half in Bootle, Liverpool, with the other 100 jobs created in Leicester and 150 in Glasgow.

The Communication Workers Union, which represents staff in Santander UK and other Santander subsidiary companies in the UK, received confirmation of the decision today (Friday)

Nigel Cotgrove, CWU national official, said: "Santander's decision to stop using overseas contact centres and instead invest in direct employment in their existing call centres is a welcome breath of fresh air.

"At a time of great economic uncertainty, when other banks are still shedding UK jobs, this move has created 500 jobs - half of them at the old A&L site at Bootle - and will boost service standards for customers.

"This is excellent news for jobs and reinforces the status of the Bootle site as well as operations in Leicester and Glasgow as long term strategic sites for the bank."

Andy Kerr, CWU deputy general secretary, said: "We warmly welcome Santander’s commitment to UK jobs and its decision to bring work back from India. Off-shoring and outsourcing work can be very destabilising for the workforce and often leads to variable service standards.

"We hope that other employers - especially companies where we have members including BT, Vodafone and Everything Everywhere - will accept that UK contact centres are good for Britain and good for customers and follow Santander’s example of investing in directly employed staff in stable workplace's."


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"Glad to hear some "good news" about my former home town ( other than Jaimie Carragher's magnificent exploits." Les Cannell, Burlington Canada around 4 years ago

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