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Gordon's magical mystery tour: fan tells the story of meeting The Beatles

by Paige Gardiner. Published Thu 28 Nov 2013 10:31

When Gordon McIntosh and his wife honeymooned in Torquay, little did they know that they would come face to face with The Beatles.

Gordon's wife had seen The Beatles when they appeared in Hull in 1963. During their stay in Torquay, they were near a hotel situated on a cliff top, and became aware of a brightly painted single decker bus.

It turned out to be The Magical Mystery Tour bus that was being used in filming, with the Beatles on board.

Gordon decided to find out where they were filming, determined to meet them and obtain their autographs for his wife. This turned out to be a Magical Mystery Tour for Gordon.

He found the location was a large field. The set looked like a large tent from the front but there was no back to it and he watched as hundreds of film extras filed into the small tent.

The bus came trundling into view and Gordon saw John Lennon on board looking out of the window. He rushed across and tapped on the window, mouthing to John, "Can I have your autograph?”

John replied that the window would not open, but went to the door of the bus and signed his name on a piece of paper.

Next on the list was Paul, and after the bus had gone around the field a few times, it stopped and Gordon asked him if he would sign. Paul wrote “To Pam from Paul McCartney.”

Off went the bus again. Gordon was a patient man. He followed the bus and eventually got Ringo's autograph as well.

Gordon had noticed that every time the bus stopped, George disappeared, but finally he caught up with him and said, “You're very elusive," and George replied, "Well now you're here, I better give you my autograph!"

Gordon and his wife discovered The Beatles were staying at the hotel situated on the cliff top, but they were in an annexe at the back so they had privacy.

The one regret for Gordon's wife was that Paul had asked if she would like a photograph with him but she said no.


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