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Insect burgers and bug salads are the future

by Ian Mitchelmore. Published Tue 10 Sep 2013 09:03

Insects will soon be on everyone's food shopping list due to the rising cost of meat, according to an edible bugs expert.

TV presenter Stefan Gates gave interactive demonstrations at Liverpool's food and drink festival to describe how we could develop a taste for creepy crawlies as meat prices soar.

The Can Eating Insects Save the World host revealed how Bug Mac burgers are the way forward while other critters will be worming their way onto our plates in the near future.

Brave volunteers were offered samples of smoky bacon flavoured mealworms while being told how grubs are already in everyday treats including marshmallows and honey.

Stefan said: "There time when we'll all be buying creepy crawlies from the supermarket for our tea is coming.

"Bugs are the future of food. People don't really believe it but the big shift will come when there's a huge rise in costs of our food, which is already happening.

"The cost of meat, beef in particular, is always rising and the reality is that they'll cost 10 times more than a mealworm burger in the future.

"It might take five or 10 years for this shift to happen, but there's nothing else that can create complete proteins like insects.

"People want to eat tasty food that's good for them and insects are full of natural goodness, so it's inevitable that we'll be putting them in our shopping trolleys in a few years time."

Liverpool John Moores University also gave a bug cooking masterclass as they conjured up a dish of mealworm burgers and a locust and cricket caesar salad.

The university's head of food studies Drew Li said: "Bugs are incredibly good for you so we want to educate people on how they can eat insects by giving them simple recipes."

Channel 4's Cook Yourself Thin host Gizzi Erskine and Reggae Reggae Sauce founder Levi Roots also attended the festival at Liverpool's Sefton Park.


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