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Liverpool region toddler walks home alone after escaping from nursery

by Ian Mitchelmore. Published Thu 05 Sep 2013 16:58, last updated: 08/09/13
Two year-old Louise Hilton walked half a mile home
Two year-old Louise Hilton walked half a mile home

The parents of a two-year-old girl who escaped from nursery before walking half a mile home alone, have called the child care centre a 'shambles' and for staff to be sacked.

An investigation was launched by local authorities into how toddler Louise Hilton managed to wander free without staff noticing.

Her mum Samantha O'Connor revealed it was only Louise's second day at the nursery and she felt sickened after realising that she walked home alone.

The fearless toddler left Windmill Hill Nursery in Runcorn, Cheshire, after lunch on Wednesday and walked past woodlands, over a canal bridge and across a roundabout to reach home.

Detectives believe a door at the private-registered nursery was left open by a workman, but the nursery has declined to comment.

The toddler's parents raised the alarm with police who have now referred it for investigation by the council.

Her mum Samantha said: "We we're absolutely stunned to hear a knock on the door and see our little Louise standing there.

"She was banging on the door shouting 'Mummy, Mummy I'm home'.

"Anything could have happened to her. It is a quarter of an hour walk home, Louise had to walk past woods, a canal and a busy roundabout to our door.

"The security and staff at the nursery are a total shambles. They should all be sacked as they clearly can't do their job properly.

"I want them to feel sickened to the stomach like I did - they clearly don't care enough about the kids in their care.

"Louise is quite bright and she was allowed to go to the toilet by herself, where she spotted an open door and got out.

"We could have been dealing with a tragedy. Thank God she made it home safely."

A spokesperson for Cheshire Constabulary said: "We are aware of an incident involving a two year-old girl who left a Runcorn nursery and walked home alone.

"She arrived back at her parents home, after lunch, at around 1.50pm.

"At this stage of the investigation it is believed the child escaped after workmen left a door open.

"The child was unharmed and the matter has been referred to the local authority."

A spokesperson for Halton Borough Council said: "The council has been providing advice and support to the nursery following notification of the incident."


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