Busker jailed for Hillsborough charity fraud

A bagpipe player has been jailed for pretending to raise money for a Hillsborough charity.

Angus Carpenter was sentenced to four months behind bars at Liverpool Crown for falsely posing as a collector connected to the tragedy in April last year.

The 62-year-old from Woolton was repeatedly warned by police against using props when busking after plastering Hillsborogh Justice Campaign stickers on his bucket.

Carpenter was found guilty last month after being stopped by police on April 14, a day before the anniversary on which 96 Liverpool FC supporters lost their lives.

He had also posed as a collector for military charity Help for Heroes but claimed a ‘Justice’ banner found on his bucket was designed as a tribute to Hillsborough.

In summing up, Judge Michael Smith condemned Carpenter’s behaviour.

He said: “I need to say very little in this court particularly about the Justice for the 96 campaign, which is a cause dear to the hearts of many Liverpudlians.

“It’s a charity to which the people of Liverpool were likely to give generously.

“You were displaying the banner and using the bucket while busking the day before the anniversary of Hillsborough. None of this I’m sure was an accident.

“I’m sure you chose to use the ‘Justice for the 96’ banner deliberately and cynically, with a hope it would maximise your earnings.

“It was a mean-spirited offence.”