Mayor of Liverpool accused of ‘re-awakening Militant’

Liverpool’s Liberal Democrat leader has accused the city’s Mayor of reviving the policies and methods of its former Militant administration.

Cllr Richard Kemp made the claim about Joe Anderson in the wake of a proposed resolution to be tabled at next week’s meeting of Liverpool City Council.

The draft resolution calls for the council to ask all party leaders to call a national demonstration in London in May in protest at cuts to social care budgets.

Fellow council leaders have been asked to support the request, which also calls for the Local Government Association to support a national campaign to provide fair funding for social care including a national lobby of Parliament.

Last month Mayor Anderson scrapped plans to hold a referendum on a 10 per cent increase to council tax in a bid to make up the funding shortfall for social care.

But Cllr Kemp believes that his Labour adversary’s latest approach gives rise to the operation of the city’s hard-left governance of the early to mid 1980s.

He said: “There is no doubt that there are huge problems in Liverpool and elsewhere caused by both cuts in the money available for social care and also the growth in the number of frail elderly.

“However, demonstrations which are led by Liverpool will only weaken the case for the money that we need.

“It is noticeable that every council including places like Manchester, Newcastle and Birmingham are facing similar pressures and are being dealt with by the Labour leaders of those cities in a much more practical and joined up way.

“Not one of them is asking for national demonstrations but are using available channels such as the Local Government Association and the Core Cities Group to lobby for more funds and in their localities are effectively establishing new methodologies to maximize what can be done with the reduced resources.

“Mayor Anderson sits on two national bodies, the Cities Board of the LGA and the Core Cities Group which are supposed to be working on these issues with little apparent effect.

“This resolution from Liverpool, if anyone else were prepared to act on it, would re-awaken in the minds of public and private investors alike the reputation for militancy which Liverpool hand which both Labour and Liberal Democrat administrations have done so much to remove.

“It’s a vampire kiss from Joe Anderson to re-awaken Militant.”