Kazimier to host magical New Year’s Eve party

Liverpool’s iconic Kazimier Club will live on over a year since the city’s music scene said goodbye to the iconic venue after nine successful years.

Since its closure Kazimier Productions has embarked on creating a new home – Invisible Wind Factory – described as a ‘cultural theme park of the future’.

To celebrate New Year’s Eve, they will present another huge theatrical party in its north docks location for Kazimier NYE 2016: Caves of Kronia – The Final Epoch.

The space will be transformed into an immersive world, the city of Kronia – ‘birthplace of time’ – mixing immersive walk-through sets, aerial performance, DJs and bands including The Aleph and the Kazimier’s own house band.

The night will culminate with an operatic stage show that demonstrates The Kazimier’s development of cutting-edge performative technology.

Those attending will also see the potential that the Invisible Wind Factory space holds, exploring the epic scale on offer with multiple themed zones.

Deep in the Caves of Kronia, a tribe of mining folk exists known as the ‘Kronalumpas’, who chisel the sacred crystal from the caves.

They are making preparations for a ritual that has spanned the epochs of time – the ‘Fête of Fortune’.

Traditionally the festival is a time of merriment and abandon: fortune tellers decree what the future holds in the forthcoming epoch, Kronalumpas barn dance, champion crystal growers show off their prized wares, and competitors contest the crystal coconut shy.

At the centre of this festival is the Kronalumpas ‘workers’ club’, hosting a variety of entertainment from crystal wielding magicians, the Kronalumpa choir, and house band playing hits of the epoch.

The night will run from 9pm until 4am. Tickets are available here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/kazimier-nye-2016-caves-of-kronia-tickets-29440107153