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Review: Agnes - On & On

by Leanne Durr. Published Sat 13 Mar 2010 20:40, last updated: 14/03/10

After spending ten week’s in the UK top twenty back in 2009 with Release Me, sexy Swede Agnes is set to follow up her club hit with new single On & On.

You would be forgiven for thinking On & On is Sweden’s Eurovision entry.

However, the song does have one major good point and that is Agnes’s voice.

At only twenty one the dance diva has a powerful voice which is mature beyond its years.

But if Agnes is looking for any credibility within the dance genre, she should steer clear of this euro-pop sound as it is nowhere near as edgy or as sleek as previous single Release Me.

We are treated to six (yep, that’s right…six) different versions of On & On.

The fifth mix by Benny Benassi is the stand out version and the one most likely to be used in clubs, as it is slightly harder with a booming base.

Hopefully, Agnes’s future singles will be back to the standards of Release Me.


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