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Review: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Fazakerley, Royal Court, Liverpool

by Chris High. Published Fri 29 Nov 2013 12:27

Shakespeare it most certainly isn’t, but what Fred Lawless has created for his fifth Christmas outing at The Royal Court is a fun-filled feast that will have the theatre’s audiences laughing out loud at the shenanigans taking place on stage.

Marty, Sandra and Billy are all sci-fi mad, so when they discover their recently passed father has been in contact with Venusians, imagine their delight – until aliens land in their back yard and kidnap young Bill in order to clone him. That’s the plot – so to speak – but, hey, it works, and the audience simply lap up the innuendo, double-entendres, puns and ad-libs like stolen treats from the Christmas tree.

The cast aren’t so much acting as having a giant family party and the fun they’re having under the lights is clear for all to see which, in turn, illuminates their skills still further. Michael Starke is a master of comic timing and this is never more in evidence as he plays out Marty’s ineptitudes to the full. Lindzi Germain as alien commander Thong once again not only shows that she is extremely funny but also that she has a voice like chocolate, bashing out her soul-filled rockers like Aretha Franklin in her pomp. Lynn Francis as Sandra is the pin that holds the family – and proceedings – together, to an extent and is as ever a delight to watch. However it is Jack Rigby as Billy and Angela Simms as Thing who really step up to the mark and deliver such solid, beautifully delivered and delightfully timed performances it is easy to think they are as experienced as their colleagues. Indeed one scene, played out to the tune of Then He Kissed Me, is worth the entrance fee alone, especially with Charlotte Dalton, Stephanie Miles, Emily Trebicki playing The Space Girls – yeah, seriously – adding yet more glamour to events.

The set and use of video are, as always at The Royal Court, as exemplary as ever and so help create an atmosphere of joy that fizzes through almost every aspect of this supremely silly, uproariously funny show that would surely have earned a stamp of approval from Douglas Adams himself.

Shakespeare it most certainly isn’t but who would want him at your Christmas party anyway?

Click rating: 5/5 Perfection!


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