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Al and Al scoop Art In Liverpool top prize

by Ian Jackson. Published Mon 27 Apr 2009 11:12
Al and Al on the podium
Al and Al on the podium

At a packed awards ceremony in the Wake Theatre at Novas Contemporary Urban Centre, video artists AL and AL scooped a prize of £2000 as winners of the Liverpool Art Prize 2009.

Also after counting over 1000 votes cast by visitors to the gallery it was announced that Elizabeth Willow was the winner of the £1000 People’s Choice prize.

The ceremony was hosted by www.artinliverpool.com who set up and organise the prize which started in 2008 during Liverpool's reign as European Capital of Culture.

For the Art Prize exhibition AL and AL presented new work including 'I want to run in my mountains' (2009) which features 'Biped 00 running through a shower of pink triangles high in the mountains as 'Biped 01' is measured and recorded in a motion tracking volume.

The anaglyph video works have been commissioned for an exhibition in the city of Mechelen Belgium, the location from which the trains destined for Auschwitz departed.

The pink triangle was the Nazi German symbol for homosexuals, many of whom were murdered by the regime.

The scientific quest to measure, quantify and ultimately control human behaviour is mirrored in the reflective world of the Avatar series where AL and AL's studio performances have been transformed into biped animations using motion tracking biometric technology.

Also their 'The Suit of Cups' (2009) places 'Biped 00' and '01' as the central protagonists in a selection from the Tarot Deck; playing cards which are used to contemplate an individual's predicament and divinate a possible future.

The new rational world of measuring human behaviour is composited into the old irrational landscapes of superstitious symbolism.

• Overall prize £2000 goes to Video Installation artists AL and AL
• People's Choice Vote £1000 goes to Installation artist Elizabeth Willow
• Exhibition continues to Monday 4 May 2009


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