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Honorary Scousers "sworn in"

by Stephanie Herman. Published Tue 07 Apr 2009 16:22, last updated: 08/04/09
Lord Mayor with ex-Anfield star Ron Yeats
Lord Mayor with ex-Anfield star Ron Yeats

The City of Liverpool has granted a new status of "Honorary Scouser" to forty individuals in a glittering ceremony at the Town Hall.

Lord Mayor Steve Rotheram presented the Honorary Scouser scrolls to people who, though born outside the city, have made real contribution to the life of its citizens

Those honoured included ex-footballers Jan Molby and Graeme Sharp and Ron Yeats along with radio presenters Pete Price and Roger Phillips and RLPO conductor Vasily Petrenko.

Councillor Rotheram said: "Every single one of these individuals fully deserves this honour as they have all helped make liverpool great and acted as tremendous ambassadors for Liverpool.

"I'm delighted to be able to offer them this form of official recognition of the valuable contribution they have made to the life of our gret city."

City Talk celebrity Pete Price, who was raised on the Wirral, spoke of his delight after receiving the award.

Pete said: "I was brought up in West Kirkby, but Liverpool has always had a special place in my heart and mind.

"I have a real love for this great city and by-and-large the people who live here are the most genuine, freindly down to earth folk that you could ever wish to meet.

"I'm feel thrilled and privileged to be given this award and it is an honour that I will cherish."

The full list of those who were invested as Honorary Scousers is: -

Lady Lillian Elizabeth
Mr Roland Berndt
Mr Marc du Perier de Larsan
Mr Roger Phillips
Mr Graeme Sharp
Dame Lorna Muirhead DBE
Mr Ronald Muirhead
Mr Leonard Eppel
Ms Amrit Singh
Ms Rabindra Singh
Mr Rodney Knolton
Mr Colin Wilkinson
Mr Francesco Mellina
Mr Noel O'Neill
Mr John Carney
Dr Andrew v Zsigmond
Ms Janet Dugdale
Mr Colin Langeveld
Ms Kerry Peacock
Mrs Christina Spencer
Mrs Rita Crabtree
Ms Elana Enciso
Mr Manfred Jung
Mr Peter Price
Ms Linde Kiel
Mr Jan Mølby
Mr Alan Birchall
Mr Andrew Gower
Mr Jon Ritchie
Professor Gerard J Pillay
Mr Ron Yeats
Professor Vasily Petrenko
Professor Philip N Love CBE DL
Consul Nunzia Bertali


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"Ron Yeats - What an absolute gent, we salute you." Jean Walters, Huyton around 6 years, 4 months ago

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