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Liverpool mark Buddy Holly anniversary

by Martin Thomas. Published Wed 21 Jan 2009 16:00, last updated: 21/01/09

Liverpool will mark the 50th anniversary of music icon Buddy Holly's death by welcoming a smash-hit musical about his life to the city's Empire theatre.

The award-winning show "Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story" has been portraying the life and times of the singer for the last 20-years.

Buddy was killed on February 3, 1959, when his plane crashed while flying to a gig in America.

The production has earned a string of rave reviews across the globe. most notably from Buddy's widow Maria Elena.

And Maria, now in her seventies will pay her own respects to the Rock'N'Roll legend, the same way she has done every day for half a decade.

She revealed: "I pray for Buddy every night and have done for the past 50 years.

"I'll mark the anniversary of his death the same way I always do, light a candle, buy flowers, and stay home."

"When Buddy died it was so sudden, those kinds of deaths are very, very difficult to deal with because you don't have the chance to say goodbye.

"I mean, he left home against my will.

"I was pregnant at the time and I didn't want him to go, but Buddy said: 'I just can’t continue without getting my own money to do what we’re planning to do.'

"We had plans to open record companies and our own publishing company and Buddy also wanted to develop new artists, even at that time."

Speaking about the show, Maria revealed the enthusiasm of the audience towards Buddy's music has kept her going through the years.

She added: "The show says a lot about Buddy and hoe he battled to get to the top.

"I hope the younger people, the aspiring musicians, will take the tenacity, the dedication that he had for his music and that he never gave up.

"They closed one door and he went through and opened another. No matter what. That's what it takes to make it, then and now, and in the future.

"To the people of England,,who so lovingly accepted Buddy, the people who have come to see the show so many times and love it, that's what keeps me going."

The performance will be shown at Liverpool's Empire theatre from the 23-28 February.

Tickets are priced from £7.50 to £27.50 and are available at the box office on 0844 847 2525.


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