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Antipop return to this year's Threshold Festival

by Leanne Durr. Published Sun 05 Feb 2012 17:56
Antipop @ Threshold Festival
Antipop @ Threshold Festival

As the Threshold Festival returns after last year’s triumphant debut Antipop, Liverpool’s finest record label, are once again welcomed back.

They will hit the Baltic Triangle with their Antipop Garage Rock Stage at The Camp & Furnace on the 10th February.

The Antipop Garage Rock Stage will play host to some of the most innovative and exciting bands around, such as: Elmo and the Styx, In Evil Hour, The Jackpot Golden Boys, The Vermin Suicides and Sally Pepper.

Elmo and the Styx splice soul and rhythm into their overtly punk rock set with more passion and furious energy than ever before.

The debut EP “Sexy Clowns” is being lauded as one of the most exciting independent releases for a long time and plans for the full length album are well underway. Their first UK dates announced see them set to conquer the country.

As the darlings of the UK punk rock scene In Evil Hour’s endless work ethic and awesome stage show is second to none.

After a year of drummer rotating they return to play Liverpool with their latest drummer and batch of new songs. This female-fronted four-piece from County Durham are a unique and compelling live experience.

The Jackpot Golden Boys are an undisputed mélange of everything from The Dillinger Escape Plan to The Beach Boys. It is rare for a band to combine such a diverse range of influences, but still manage to avoid sounding disjointed.

They are heavy yet still melodic, and if you fancy having your mind blown then they are a must see band.

The Vermin Suicides debut album “Yeahman It’s…” combines the eclectic spread of styles that this self-proclaimed ‘garage band’ dabble in.

Their amazing live show is packed full of humour, energy, colour and always full of controversy.

Former front-woman of the defunct Cities That Sleep, Sally Pepper, goes solo with an emotive and stirring solo acoustic performance to open the festivities of the Antipop stage.

The music will be Antipop all night, with their own resident DJ’s blasting the tracks from the back catalogue of the world’s greatest music.

Antipop event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/348218075188455/

Advance tickets are on sale now, from here: http://bit.ly/zcGqQx

Check out the bands:



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"any other label stages?? I know Guardian Angels Records Have Sandi Thom, The Humming Birds and more at the Picket sunday 12th." David Spears, Liverpool around 3 years, 5 months ago

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