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Ringo Starr apologises over Liverpool jibe

by Adam Faulkner. Published Wed 25 May 2011 16:00, last updated: 25/05/11

Ringo Starr has apologised to the city of Liverpool for rubbishing his birthplace in an infamous Jonathan Ross TV interview.

Starr said in the 2008 BBC TV nterview that there was "nothing he missed" about Liverpool.

But after a three year wait Starr has finally said "sorry" for the offence caused, which led to his figure being beheaded on topiary statue of The Beatles in the city.

Starr, 70, said: "I apologise to those people (who were offended), as long as they live in Liverpool, not outside.

"No real Scouser took offence, only I believe people from the outside.

"I was brought up there, I went to school there, all my childhood, my youth was there.

"It's silly that whoever took offence, took offence."

The comments followed his performance of Liverpool 8 at the opening of the city's European Capital of Culture year, which has the words "Liverpool I left you but I never let you down".

Angry fans blasted Starr over the incident leading to a topiary memorial of The Beatles outside a railway station being vandalised.

Some Liverpdulians accepted Ringo's apology while others predicted that he was in for a rough ride when he plays a concert in the city on 18th June.

The Fab Four drummer came under fire for the comments made on the Friday Night with Jonathan Ross show after returning for the Capital of Culture celebration in 2008.

Beatles guide Phil Coppell believes that the rocker, who has lived between Los Angeles and Surrey for decades, will have been completely unaware of the offence caused.

He said: "I cannot understand the publicity generated over the comments made on the Jonathan Ross show in 2008.

"Ringo will have definitely been unaware of the offence his comments caused.

"He doesn't think about things before he speaks and he doesn't like being asked serious questions so tries to answer them in jest.

"A lot of people in the city climbed on the bandwagon in criticising him for what he said.

"It certainly has not affected his tour. Ticket sales have been really good so I don't believe it's made a difference to him coming here."

Lifelong Beatles fan Brian Jackson, 57, said the apology was a long time coming.

He said: "In all honesty I don't think it has been on Ringo's radar much since he made the comments.

"He lives in his own little world and it is only now, when he is set to come back to city again that he apologises for what he said.

"At least he had the decency to say sorry, even if it was three years late."

Ringo's old home in Madryn Street, Toxteth is threatened with destruction along with two hundred homes as part of regeneration plans.

But the 70-year-old has now said that he hopes his childhood home in the "Welsh Streets" in the city's Dingle area will be saved from the bulldozers.

Starr added: "Deep down I think it should stay.

"You know, because of the impact the Beatles had on Liverpool, that people come to see, and they should see, where we came from.

"The only thing I want, if they save my house 9 Madryn Street, is that it stays where it is because there was a rumour that they were going to knock it down and put it up somewhere else, which I thought doesn't really mean anything."

Ringo Starr will embark on his European tour from 4th June playing dates in the UK including his hometown Liverpool, London, Glasgow, Manchester, and Bournemouth.


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"Me and my mate,Ian have written and produced a"tongue in cheek"song about Ringo's musical career.Google Bennyandfitz. Have a listen." Roy Thomas snr, Wirral ch46 around 4 years ago

"Listen to "The Other Side of Liverpool" from his last album. His best friends and close family moved to London with him, who would he miss?" Sandra, Spain around 4 years, 2 months ago

"As a Beatles fan and Ringo fan, I'm happy that he apologises to his home city. " Thomas, Sydney around 4 years, 2 months ago

"Ringo made a gaff and has apologised. Now lets rock with him at the Empire Theatre. Welcome back Ringo!" Eddie M, Manchester around 4 years, 2 months ago

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