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Liverpool Dorothy hopeful Stephanie Davis eliminated from BBC talent search

by Natalie Evans. Published Mon 03 May 2010 11:30
Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis

Liverpool singer Stephanie Davis has become the fifth Dorothy hopeful to be eliminated from Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest talent search.

Stephanie, 17, from Prescot, was one of 12 girls competing to become the next lead in the West End production of The Wizard of Oz on BBC One's 'Over the Rainbow'.

Dark-haired Stephanie faced the sing-off with fellow contestant Steph Fearon after both receieved the lowest number of pubic votes.

After singing 'Tell Me On A Sunday', the judges, Lloyd Webber, Charlotte Church, Sheila Hancock and John Partridge chose to save 21-year-old Steph.

The search is also on for Dorothy's canine companion as four dogs will compete in a special episode to become the next Toto.


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"Stephanie by far was the most talented. She had everything that was perfect for the role of dorothy. An inspiration to me. Good luck. :)" Martha Henry, Leeds around 5 years ago

"For goodness sake who chose that song! Saturday night will not be the same. " Judith, Liverpool around 5 years ago

"Im so sad Stephanie went! :( I just had this feeling right from the start that SHE was gonna be Dorothy.. and i still think she is Dorothy." Lindzzz, Wales around 5 years ago


"very sad you're gone Stephanie, my favourite from start. You did your best with an awful song. Good luck sure you have a great future. x" lynda anderson, bristol around 5 years ago

"Stephanie, i was reduced to tears when u sang your final song. well done... u shld be proud of urself. good luck in ur career xx" maz, edinburgh around 5 years ago

"Stephanie was EVERYONE'S favourite. " me, london around 5 years ago

"great singer and look the part of dorathy - good luck with your future .." ian whit, nottm around 5 years ago

"my 5year old granddaughter will be devasted Stephanie was her favourite will miss that infectious smile .she has a great future" robert bell, hawick around 5 years ago

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