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Coleen Rooney fears bleaching her hair may harm baby

by Elissa Corrigan. Published Mon 20 Apr 2009 08:48, last updated: 20/04/09
Blonde Coleen before the baby
Blonde Coleen before the baby

The reason mum-to-be Coleen Rooney is sporting a new brunette hair colour is because she fears bleaching her locks may affect her unborn baby.

TV star Coleen had her highlighted hair toned-down two months ago so that she wouldn't be left with dark coloured roots when the streaks started to grow out.

The 22-year-old Scouser confirmed the pregnancy rumours in her OK! magazine column and described it as the "best thing that's ever happened to me."

This will be Coleen's first child with footballer hubby Wayne and the pair say they are not bothered about the sex just as long as the new Roo is healthy.

And the brunette beauty is keen to avoid anything that could pose a risk to her bundle of joy which is the reason behind her ditching the blonde streaks and opting for something more natural.

Our well-placed source said: "Coleen usually has her hair streaked with bleach every four to six weeks.

"But she was worried when she found out she had become pregnant that the chemicals in the peroxide may affect her baby.

"She went to the hairdressers and asked them to colour it an all-over brown, to match her own natural hair colour.

"This way you won't be able to tell when her roots come through and she won't need to use bleach to keep her hair looking gorgeous.

"The baby means everything in the world to her and she's taking it easy in every respect.

"She just doesn't want to take any un-nesscessary risks like bleaching her hair."

And the pal reckons expectant mother Coleen has been ordered to chill out and relax from other half Wayne, who has been wanting to start a family since they married.

The source added: "Coleen's under strict instructions from Wayne to chill out.

"He has always longed for a family and he doesn't want anything to go happen to his wife and child."

Expert hairdresser Liam Sheridan said it's not unusal for women to go back to their natural hair colour when they are pregnant and reckons Coleen has done the sensible thing.

Liam commented: "We always advise women who are pregnant and want to bleach their hair, to approach with caution.

"The dye is absorbed through the scalp and into the body.

"Some medical experts are hesitant because of this and suggest not dyeing the hair at all and they usually advise against bleaching during all three trimesters.

"Especially in the first one because the baby is undergoing important developments.

"No mother wants to pass on those kinds of chemicals to their unborn baby.

"I think Coleen has done the sensible thing by going back to her natural colour.

"You want to be safe rather than sorry."


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