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Coleen okay after knock to the head

by Elissa Corrigan. Published Fri 03 Apr 2009 16:13, last updated: 06/04/09
Coleen.... looking relaxed earlier in the day
Coleen.... looking relaxed earlier in the day

Mother-to-be Coleen Rooney was forced to pull-out of her role as a style judge at Aintree Ladies Day after she suffered a knock in a scrum of photographers.

Coleen, 23, was due to judge the final of the event along with Jeff Banks and Sheree Murphy.

But Coleen, who is pregnant with her first child, was hounded by the scores of press photographers desperate for pictures of her and her "bump"

The young beauty strolled into The Queen Mother stand only to by met frantic paparazzi.

In the press that followed someone stepped on her long Roberto Cavalli dress, causing a camera to knock against her head.

A spokesperson for the Aintree Style event said: "Unfortunately Coleen has had to pull out of her appearance at the Style event.

"The paparazzi have been all over her all day and she can't cope with the press attention.

"She tripped over in a scrum and banged her head.

"Luckily she is ok, but we've not known anything like it before at Aintree.

"After having some small treatment she was deemed to be ok, but she has had to pull of the style competition today.

"Her role will be limited to presenting the prize for the most stylish racegoer tomorrow."

An insider said: "Coleen walked in to the stands with her friends, but she looked a little dazed and confused.

"She was complaining about being hounded and knocked by the paparazzi.

"She sat down on a chair while friends and medics checked her out.

"Coleen was advised to stay away from the crowds and just take part in tomorrow's style event instead.

"With rumours of a baby on the way, she doesn't need hassle like that.

"Everyone is glad she is ok."


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