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Frank Ifield jealous of the Beatles

by Marielle Roux. Published Mon 25 Jun 2012 09:10

Former chart topper Frank Ifield has admitted he was jealous of the Beatles back in the 60's when they supported him at gigs.

Country singer Frank was on tour when the Beatles were a little known band and Ifield had success with four number ones in one year.

But being a solo singer Ifield has now revealed he was jealous of the group because they enjoyed life as a band.

Speaking to a Liverpool TV station Bay TV Ifield relived the memories.

He said of The Beatles: "I found them very friendly. I was jealous of them and the way they could work together.

"See I was always a solo performer working with bands I didn't know.

"They got a high out of one another. Who would have known they would be the biggest thing in the world!"


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