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Top Marks for Community Hospital Kent Lodge Broadgreen

by Angela Johnson. Published Thu 09 Sep 2010 14:04

A community hospital has been given a clean bill of health by three independent health and patient watchdogs following separate assessments by each.

Broadgreen Hospital-based Kent Lodge, which is operated by NHS Liverpool Community Health, was given top marks by Care Quality Commission inspectors, praised by Liverpool’s Local Involvement network (LINk), and rated highly by the Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT).

Each inspection monitored different areas of the hospital, with CQC assessing its infection control systems, Liverpool LINk reporting on its health and social care pathways, and PEAT commenting on the environment, food and privacy and dignity.

Following a rigorous review by CQC inspectors, Kent Lodge received top marks in all areas in which it was scrutinised.

The inspection was part of the CQC’s dedicated inspection programme to assess NHS compliance with the Department of Health’s Code of Practice on cleanliness and infection control standards which the CQC is currently running.

Liverpool LINk, meanwhile, reported that ‘comments from patients were uniformly positive about the quality of care they were receiving and the information they were receiving from staff’.

The glowing report concluded:’Liverpool LINk commends LCH’s attitude towards quality, patient experience and partnership working and the enthusiasm of senior staff and Board members for providing an ongoing commitment to finding ways to improve and innovate wherever possible whilst always keeping patient care at the centre of the service. The Productive Ward [Kent Lodge] work and the reduction of falls are particularly impressive.’

Kent Lodge was also praised by the Patient Environment Action Team Assessments (PEAT), which assessed the unit for environment, food, and privacy and dignity.

The report gave Kent Lodge ratings of ‘good’ for the Environment score, ‘good’ for the Food score, and ‘excellent’ for the Privacy and Dignity Score.

Sylvia Carney, Director of Nursing, said: “We are pleased with the CQC results, which confirm that the cleanliness and infection control measures we have taken are in accordance with DH guidelines.

“However, we also understand that there is no room for complacency, which is why we are always looking for new ways to improve our service. It is this determination to strive for the highest possible standard of care which is reflected in these results.”


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