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Milestone for Liverpool law firm's professional negligence department

by Martin Thomas. Published Tue 04 May 2010 13:24
Ian Carruthers
Ian Carruthers

Liverpool’s fastest growing law firm Armstrongs Solicitors is celebrating six months after the launch of a new department dedicated to handling claims of professional negligence.

The company has taken on 150 new cases, potentially worth ₤1million in fees, since the launch of its latest venture last November.

Speaking about their success, Ian Carruthers, a Director at Armstrongs Solicitors, said: “We have been surprised by the high-level of demand for our service targeting victims of professional negligence.

“We knew before we launched six months ago that the level of professional service people received in all walks of life was a problem but we had no idea just how serious that problem was until now.

“We believe the significant increase in claims of professional negligence can in part be put down to the fall-out from the economic collapse as people are scrutinising the professional advice they receive more closely than ever before.

“Our clients – like so many others – believe they have been let down by solicitors, accountants, doctors and many other types of professionals who are supposed to offer a first rate service. We even have a case against a psychic.

“It very quickly became clear to us that we are offering a dedicated service that people have been crying out for.”

To coincide with the expansion Armstrongs created a new website and ran an extensive advertising campaign urging victims of professional negligence to get in touch.

The website – beenletdown.com – was piloted in the Preston area before being rolled out across Merseyside at the start of the year.

Since the website went live the Old Hall Street-based business has received more than 1,500 enquiries, and has employed two new members of staff to deal with the extra demand.

Mr. Carruthers added: “Our aim at Armstrongs is to become the market leader in the pursuit of claims of professional negligence. This is a growing area of law and with 150 new cases in the last six months we have the potential to bring in an extra ₤1m worth of new fees.

“Our clients know that no matter how much they’ve been let down by others, they will always get the best service possible from the professional team at Armstrongs Solicitors.”

Armstrongs Solicitors was set up almost three years ago, and now employs over 100 people, handling thousands of cases in the North West and across the UK.

In addition to its professional negligence unit, Armstrongs offers a wide range of services to businesses, private clients, as well as running one of the most successful personal injury departments of any law firm in the UK.


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