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Over 30 businesses sign up for first ever Stanley Street Pride Party

by Angela Johnson. Published Wed 03 Aug 2011 12:39

Support is continuing to grow from an array of local businesses for the city’s first ever Liverpool Stanley Street Pride Party.

Earlier this month, it was announced that the popular annual Pride event, which attracted more than 21,000 people last year, is now set to move to the Pier Head on this weekend due to funding reasons.

The commercial gay community, assisted by Liberal councillor Steve Radford, quickly rallied together in an unprecedented move to salvage the situation and organised a complementary festival to take place alongside the main event.

Since that decision, more than 30 businesses from around Stanley Street have offered their support to the new event, including neighbourhood deli & restaurant Delifonseca, Superstar Boudouir, Secrets Bar and The Lisbon and also several establishments from Cumberland Street.

Candice Fonseca, Proprietor of Delifonseca, said: “The minute it was announced that the Pride festival would be moving away from the city’s gay quarter, the local businesses and I knew we had to join forces and do something.

"The area has played such an integral part in previous years and it desperately needed the boost that the festival brings with it yet again.

“The support we have received so far is fantastic and something that the area desperately needed.

"Stanley Street has had a bad time of late, with a major fire, a stabbing and substantial road works in Dale Street – all in just the past 18 months.

"That was our major incentive to immediately contact the council, get the road closed, put our thinking caps on and start planning what we wanted to do.”

While Delifonseca will be providing visitors with tasty treats in the form of a barbeque and drinks with the help of Rekorderlig Cider, various bars such as The Navy Bar, SIROC, Masquerade and Poste
House will be providing the entertainment.
“This event will give us the opportunity to celebrate the importance of the gay quarter’s natural home and to show people just how strong our community spirit is”, added Candice.

“The speed in which this event has been set up by the local businesses supports the findings of a recent report commissioned by the council which proposes a number of ambitious plans to upgrade the quarter.

“We at Delifonseca are very excited about some of the proposals such as relocating the Liverpool Farmers Market from Sunday on Hope Street to Saturday on Stanley Street!”

Mr Radford, who chairs the Liverpool Gay Business Association, said: ”As soon as it was announced Pride was to move to the Pierhead there was genuine shock - it seemed absurd to have the biggest
Gay event exclude the Gay Quarter.

"We’ve rallied everyone, businesses and individual community members, together to put a plan so visitors to the city for Pride will have additional facilities and security in the gay quarter.

"That is good for the LGBT communities, good for all the businesses and
the city as a whole.”


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